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MAPLE LOVE -“Bundle”

Our TEE-rific Bundles include a Custom Screen Printed T-Shirt from the Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain Collection…..Along with your choice of sweetness

You’ve Selected the Maple Love Bundle which contains
• 100% Pure Maple Syrup / No additives or preservatives
• “Love is Love” Tee from our RTSM Collection
• Maple Leaf Candies
• Maple Flavored Toffee


Additional Information

Our Maple Love Bundle comes with a Custom Screen Printed T-shirt from our Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain Collection, along with your choice of sweetness.

Love IS love
Love is infinite
Love has no boundaries
Love is the most powerful force in the universe
Love can go to the darkest places,
Squeeze into the tiniest places
And go anywhere in the world
Love is the master of life
It can wear many clothes
It takes you to many places
It can make you feel like a king or queen
It doesn’t control any one
It doesn’t hide from any one
Love IS love IS love IS love
Elder- Isaac Day