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Maple Syrup

100% Pure Natural Maple Syrup offered in both the Classic Kent and Decorative style glass

Maple Syrup

100% Pure Natural Maple Syrup offered in recyclable plastic jugs.

Maple Products

Maple Butter, Maple Sugar, Maple Toffee, Maple Lollipops, Maple Leaf Candies

Gift Baskets

Great selection of Maple Gift Baskets to choose from. OR Send us a message to CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN!

Greeting Cards

Our Greeting Cards are a reflection of Isaac Day’s Teachings


Custom T-Shirts by ‘Rainbow Thunder Star Mountain’. A reflection of Isaac Day's Teachings

Dream Catchers

Authentically Hand-crafted by Deborah's Mum, Mary Longboat. Custom orders available

Wooden Bowls

Handspun Plentiful by Susan Maracle. Turning Bowls from beautiful Wood

Native American Jewelry

Beautiful selection of Native American Bone Chokers

Right to your Door!

Giizhigat Maple Products

Adding More Love and Sweetness to Our Lives