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We hope to have time to restock and fill orders in a couple weeks. Please bear with us.
Thank you and Miigwech!


Our Grandmother Moon Gift Boxes are carefully filled with sweetness. Depending on size order, may contain:
• 100% Pure Maple Syrup / No additives or preservatives
• Maple leaf candies
• Maple flavored toffee
• Maple butter
• 75g Pure Maple Granulated Sugar
• BookMark – “Loving – Teachings”
• 3″ Authentic Handmade Red Willow Dream Catcher


Additional Information

Like a grandmother, Grandmother Moon takes care of the household – the world household. She is not biased to any culture or race…she takes care of all human spirits. Grandmother Moon is a valid part of our life, she helps us over those thresholds of life. Sometimes when people are lost mentally, physically or spiritually, Grandmother Moon comes out at night, really bright to help us find our way again. She will guide us out of the gloomy part of the forest, guide us through the darkness that has engulfed us. She is so patient. She can teach us if we listen.
We are blessed by her love, her soft kind caring.
This gift basket offers our very own maple syrup in these beautiful glass bottles accompanied with a small dreamcatcher made by our Mom.
Hang your dreamcatcher to let in positive dreams.
The Dreamcatcher represents the sacred hoop, the great circle of life of which we are all a part. The web design is symbolic of our brother, the spider. The spider’s web is spun in one continuous strand. So is the Dreamcatcher making it symbolic of eternity, reminding us that the spirit is eternal and lives on even after death. The Dreamcatcher is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. Made with love by Mom.
Share the Love & Sweetness with your loved ones today.
A wonderful thank-you gift for clients, friends or that hard to buy-for person.

Depending on the size ordered, all Grandmother Moon Sweet Dreams gift boxes may contain the following:
• 100% pure maple syrup in the Modern Round glass bottle
•  sweet maple candies
• maple flavoured toffee
• small maple butter or maple lollipop
small 3″ dream catcher
** items subject to change due to product availability