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Star Teachings

Our Greeting Cards are a reflection of Isaac Day’s Teachings

  • Printed: Front/ Inside/ Back
  • Includes one card and one envelope.
  • Card pkg. size: 4.25″ W x 5.5″ H


Additional Information

Isaac and I enjoy our morning coffee — along with Teachings each morning.
Our Greeting Cards are a reflection of those Teachings.
We are honoured to share these messages from Spirit with you  — May you feel the love of the Creator today & every day

Every living thing was created with love.
Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, Mother Earth and Father Sky — are all
Creator’s children. They came from a very loving, peaceful place.
A great honour was bestowed upon them when they came into existence.
Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon are our original grandparents.
Mother Earth and Father Sky — our parents. They take care of us every day.
And that’s how they started civilization here. It was all through love.
The big dipper reminds us of the star people.
The beginning of life is love.
The earth is like a cell in this vastness of Universe.
The framework of the Universe is the Creator’s love.